UTV history

  • escarpinCompany is set up in 1922
  • 1959 : the brand Sonate is launched for the lady’s target
  • 1997 : new brand Un Tour en Ville for a trendy woman. Sonate becomes Sonate Plus for comfort identity
  • Distribution is mainly for the independants, retail or boutique
  • Our design studio is inside the company and carries the French Look. All our collections are created and manufactured in St Pierre Montlimart. Our European supplies are controlled before shipping out to our task force in Portugal and Tunisia. This partnership has been very successful over the past 25 years. Every finished product is controlled by our skilled staff
  • Un Tour en Ville is targeted for a young, active and city look woman (age 35 – 55).
  • This French Touch has been successful over the last 20 years on foreign markets (40% of our turnover)
pieds01Our fame :
  • Excellent fitting whatever the height of heel refers to
  • Softness in the selected materials with renewed color combinations
  • Adjusting trends to our clientele needs
  • 3rd generation of manufacturers, family owned company